Professional Portfolio – Past and Prospective Experiences

Jasmine N. Duran, ’15
Throughout my portfolio production I was able to compile a collection of my skills and experiences that have allowed me to gain perspective of a prospective career. I researched resources that could help me organize my personal brand and outlined characteristics, skills, values, and passions that would enable me to well position my portfolio in a competitive marketplace. I sought out individuals to contribute insight about my greatest strengths/weaknesses and skills to add to these lists. In the end, I was able to compile this collection into a small, but impactful portfolio of the work I had achieved and the benefits I can provide in the workplace.
The majority of my portfolio covers my past experience and work. I was able to collect design, writing, and volunteer contributions within the portfolio for prospective employers to be able to view my interests. I have also included support work documents. Although I would have liked more experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, I have ample examples to showcase my ability to use the creative software. I am excited to see what more I can produce in the future.
Writing down my values was a great exercise. I was allowed to focus on what my true passion and intentions are in life. These are things that might not change so significantly and are strong enforcers of my being. These were great pillars of my portfolio and personal brand.
Compiling my passions was fulfilling. I took much time in narrowing my passions because I tend to become very involved with things I spend a lot of my time on. This was beneficial to understanding the type of career I could advocate for the future. It’s possible that I may have many different careers, but I can narrow down my search in the meantime and focus on my near and dear interests.
Along with the beneficial outline of passions, skills, and experience, I was able to dedicate time to writing out questions that might be asked of me during an interview. Although this will not be included in the portfolio it was a great addition to listing how these answers could tie into the portfolio, so these examples have context. I will continue to store these questions with my portfolio and resume and update them with each potential employer.

This portfolio will be useful throughout my career and will help organize the best work I have completed. I am grateful to have had the experience to compile this portfolio throughout my graduate studies and will use these skills throughout my future endeavors.