Professional Portfolio – Everlasting Sweet and Sour Memories

Bin Wu ’15
The process of preparing my professional portfolio is like collecting all the sweet and sour memories at UArts. My portfolio starts from my resume. Just recently I changed my resume from a busy one page file to a two-page version. I like the style of black, white and red. And I will keep using that style for the other files and documents. The poster that I have designed brings all the memories of my growing from a “zero” to “A” student in Graphic Design. I am so happy that I did not quit the two design classes in the first semester. Graphic Design turns out to be a skill that I am proud of. The “What I Have Done to Promote Chinese Arts and Culture” material presents what I have done as the Founder and President of Chinese Culture Exchange, the first organization on campus focused on Chinese and its people/students. The “Paper Project proposal” and the “Letter of Agreement” are the works I have done for the University of the Arts as assistant and program coordinator. The other two materials are what I have done for my thesis and internship.

I am still balancing what kind of materials I should include with my job applications. I believe no matter how many pages I am going to present, the materials should speak out my skills and passion of working as an experienced and skillful museum communicator to promote Chinese culture and the development of museums in China.