Professional Portfolio- A Continual Work in Progress

Leah Gelb ’15
Developing my professional portfolio throughout this semester proved to be quite challenging. The task of showcasing my skills while coming across as a unique individual is not easy. How does one toot his/her horn without seeming pompous? I have learned that being direct through my writing and staying true to myself creates the best results- but my portfolio still is, and will likely always be a work in progress.

I know that through my portfolio I want to convey that I am an arts and cultural professional dedicated to fostering meaningful engagement in museums through exhibitions and collections communications. I pay close attention to societal and cultural trends and seek to apply them to museum experiences.
I pride myself in my research and writing skills, my love for art history, and a yearning for success in whatever task is at hand.
Other attributes that I consider define my personality are loyal, spunky, inventive, driven, and a great eater- but I will not directly address my eating habits in this portfolio.

I want this to showcase my research and analytic skills, my creative capabilities, my versatility, and my dedication to the field. Therefore, it will include my resume, professional references, graphics work (including excerpts from my thesis companion piece), and writing samples.

I have the portfolio so that it consistently mirrors the look of my resume, keeping it simple and clean- and professional!