Carrie Jones ’15

My portfolio should showcase my versatility as a museum and arts non-profit professional. At the front of the document is my resume. My resume will change depending on the type of job I’m applying for at the time as well as the skills needed for the position. The organization and content will be flexible too. At this time my resume is only at one page and I’d like to keep it that way in the future as well. If a cover letter is required for the position I’ll attach that at the front of the portfolio.

I’ve mimicked my resume’s design throughout the portfolio for consistency. Graphic and written work sample sections break up the document. In the graphic section I’ve included my photography, photos of my curatorial experience, website work, and brand positioning. I’ve also included my thesis companion piece, which will illustrate both written and graphic abilities. In my written work sample section is market research, surveys, and a section about community engagement from my thesis.
The brand that I want to convey through my portfolio is a dedicated, hard working, and self-motivated professional. The skills that I showcase are organization, marketing, design, writing, and my ability to work collaboratively. Since my focus at this point is about writing, curation, and community engagement it is important that my portfolio demonstrates a lot of flexibility. Something that sets our program apart from others are the projects that require the application of a diverse set of skills. These classes include Graduate Museum Project and Museum Graphics. Even though most of the projects were fictional I still feel confident to showcase that work. I’ve chosen to include both written and graphic samples in order to set myself apart from other museum candidates.
This portfolio will exist in both printed and digital versions. I plan to take the printed version with me to interviews and professional opportunities. Eventually I would like to post the digital version to a site such as LinkedIn. The digital version will be sent to prospective jobs that are not in my geographical location.