Chasing Dreams at NMAJH

Kara Gunderman ’16
For the record, I know next to nothing about baseball or the great American pastime that involves a bat and a ball. This means that when I went to the National Museum of American Jewish History to see what was called “Chasing Dreams” I was expecting to be bored and confused during my entire visit. Lucky for me (and maybe you), this was not the case.

Now, if you haven’t gone to see Chasing Dreams yet I hope I’m not ruining the surprise and delight. That being said, GO. Although the exhibit has ended in Philadelphia, the artifacts will travel to Ohio to be displayed in April. This is not an exhibition you want to miss. This comes from the girl who has 0 baseball facts stored away but somehow managed to want the exhibition to never end.
The Chasing Dreams exhibition works to tell the great American dream story through the challenges and game of baseball. Stories of American immigrants, Jewish and non-Jews are told in the exhibition in ways that enable visitors to relate to the facts being presented. Curators Josh Perelman and Ivy Weingram will have a hard time topping this exhibit when they team up again.

Although the lighting could be considered too dim and the information too dense in some areas, the Chasing Dreams exhibition as a whole could not have been clearer or designed better. Kudos to Josh, Ivy, and the rest of the NMAJH team for a job well done, and I look forward to seeing the next exhibition at NMAJH (even if it displays another topic which I know nothing about.)  Now, for the rest of you, you better go visit this exhibition when it opens at future locations!