Thesis Update — I know it is a little bit late, still something I want to share with you guys.

While reading the collected resources to learn more about the professionalization of museum workers, I was really thrilled when I finally got a clear philosophical explanation to the term “New Museology”.

Is it new? It is a theory (in early 1970s) and practice older than me.

According to Mensch, this is the third museum revolution, and one of the most important change in the conceptualization of professionalism. He points out that  “This museology is based on a reversed hierarchy, starting from the needs of society and focusing on the social role of heritage rather than on organizational and procedural structures. ”

I strongly support this theory and try to identify the practices reflecting the trend which have been carried on in museum fields both in China and in the United States. This is also the philosophically foundation of my thesis.

I am happy with my starting point and do want to share with you guys.