निर्वाण Nirvāṇa: Thesis, you will be fine, the Museum Professional Training project will be the reincarnation of Guqin project

    After all these days’ struggles and considerations, I decided to put my thesis research on guqin into Nirvana. Instead, the current work I am doing as an assistant and coordinator have brought me not only the exposure to the museum communication field but also connections and resources for my thesis research. It is real! It is practical! And it is reasonable!

    It is a long story to tell why I have given up an almost finished thesis research. There is no one to blame. One thing I think I can share with my peers and future students who need to finish a thesis on Museum Studies: be realistic! It is cool to do research on something that not many people know about, including supervisors and program director. However, it is not cool when being rejected repeatedly.

    Thesis, you will be fine, believe me: after the nirvana, it is a magnificent rebirth!