Research Revelations and Breakthroughs

Jasmine N. Duran ’15
September 2014 – Thesis has led me to several revelations since I began this adventure. Thesis research has been one of the toughest breakthroughs—as I was a very enthusiastic graduate student when I started. You can imagine, my enthusiasm intended on doing more than my mind realized was capable. Collection of media material, surveys, and interviews seemed unrealistically do-able. The more I seemed to read, the more I lost myself in what I was asking in research and raw data would appear the same way I had imagined it before.
Collecting articles was my first thesis breakdown. I needed to stop collecting! I had too many to handle on my own and with the time crunch of four months until D-Day (Defense Day). I was also collecting more articles focused on The Detroit Institute of Arts, as I had previously started with only that institution.

I began by breaking down what my true intentions were for this project. I intend to interpret and compare museum crisis media coverage and the correlation of public perception of art museums to engage a plan for transparency from the museum world to the community in a time of crisis.

My computer screen every day.
Suddenly my surveys came into focus. Not only was I finally asking the right questions, but also receiving responses. I was able to contact and interview a museum Manager of Communication and understand the museum’s perspective throughout a crisis. I am not only collecting media stories on each museum case study, but also analyzing data through content analysis coding.

Most importantly, I now need to adjust my time for scheduling data analysis, transcribing interviews and working through the online database, SurveyMonkey. My story analysis form is something of another story, as I have been reading every article to understand negative, neutral or positive content. I analyze content such as negative word choice and picture collection as a point of public perception.
Data collection will be the hardest challenge yet.
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