Thesis Assessment

Kim Jovinelli

The process of writing a thesis is one I had never quite imagined going through in my life.  Going back to graduate school was something I had almost given up on. That is until I came to the University of the Arts.  The process of writing a thesis is one of deep thought, reflection, and being able to identify what you find interesting in the field. It’s also about being different.
The biggest challenge for me was finding something that interested me and was unique. I struggled with falling back on something that was comfortable, which is not what I wanted to do. So, after talking with my advisor and honing down my interests, I was able to come up with what eventually became my thesis topic.
For me, the major finding was discovering that my thoughts were turning toward museum Boards and their relationship to collections policy. I realized that Boards, especially those of smaller historical institutions such as Historical Societies, needed something to help them create effective policy for their collections. So, what I did was created an easy to read manual detailing different aspects of collections policy to assist them in creating a collections plan. I feel the applicability to the field is evident as a book published for Boards to help them is very useful. Also, next steps can include additional volumes written for museum Boards.
Writing a thesis is not easy, nor should it be. It’s meant to test us and give us the opportunity to discover something about our academic career that we had not thought of previously. I, for one, am happy I wrote this and hope to use it to grow as a individual and museum professional.