Dinosaurs Unearthedis not your typical dinosaur exhibit. Not only is it completely interactive, but it is also the first exhibit to show a feathered baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. For those of us who have watched Jurassic Park over and over again, we can say the paleontologist was right; the dinosaurs are more like birds than reptiles! This exhibit is now on display at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel UniversityTheir traveling exhibit space isn’t that big, but they filled it up without making it feel crowded. It is reminiscent of the ride in Jurassic Park, except this time you will get to see all the dinosaurs.
Every dinosaur has a form of technological interaction added to it. There are buttons to push to make every part of the body move, but you do have to wait for it to finish in order to push another button. This can feel like a long time for kids or anyone who needs instant gratification. Also, you will have to wait until it is your turn to push the buttons. If you have waited your turn the appeal and excitement can ware off, but they have the same interactive at all the dinosaurs. There are also IPads at every station you can pick up and aim at a certain location and a 3D figure of the dinosaur is displayed on the screen, which you can touch and make move.
For the little ones and the young at heart there is a pit you can dig through, like a paleontologist, to find dinosaur bones. There is a volunteer from the museum who continuously covers them up for the next visitor to dig through. There is also artifact carts set up with a volunteer to interact with. You can pick them up and feel what teeth or claws felt like. Throughout the exhibit are little information spots you can push buttons and get more facts about some of the things you are feeling. At the end is the star of the exhibit, the feathered baby T-Rex. Right across is the mother who is hidden in the trees and pops out with motion sensors. It scared me when I first walked by.
The exhibit doesn’t take long to walk through, but it introduces a new perspective on dinosaurs. We used to just have to use our imagination and what little information was known to display how their lives might have been. Now with research and technology we can get closer to the Jurassic Park feel without the danger. The displays are all kid friendly, but for some little ones it can be a little scary. They are after all scientifically accurate.
Even though the interactive are mostly used one person at a time, there is only a certain amount of visitors allowed in at once so everyone can experience the technology. The use of technology and interactive are very appropriate for this type of exhibit. Without it, they would be just another static diorama with no glass. The Academy has a permanent dinosaur exhibit with one animatronic and the rest are all bones of dinosaurs set up. It is a nice compliment to their exhibit. Overall, it is worth the $5 you have to pay on top of the general admission.