Reflections on Likeability

Kim Jovinelli

This semester in Issues in Museums, we concentraited our efforts on learning new ways to take museums into the present. This is represented through new and unique programming in area museums. for this semester long project, as previously stated in other posts, I have chosen the Academy of Natural Sciences.

While thinking on how to develop this program, while keeping in mind its relevance and likability, I took a cue from television. Concentrating on TIMING, I decided to do a program focusing on Cryptozoology. Many of us have seen the relevant television shows such as Destination Truth, Monsterquest, Finding Bigfoot, and Monsters in America. These have lead me to creating Creature Feature: Cryptozoology and the Science of Possibility. The Academy is an institution that is a perfect choice to host an lecture series such as this because of their aesthetic. They are quirky and unique, which the proposed series would encourage. Through a lecture series, workshop, and discussion, adult audiences that attend will lear just what it is like to be a cryptozoologists while learning from todays leaders in the field.

For me, going through this process has made me realize that program developers don’t exactly have it easy. There is so much that goes into making sure everyone it catered to and thought of. Audiences such as those that aren’t a typical component of a science museum like the Academy, could potentially open new doors. For a museum to be likeable, it must consider all possibilities. That is the goal I was aiming for when I came up with this program. Quirkiness is a draw for new audiences which can benefit immensely.

I am proud of this project and the concepts I have learned. It is a rare opportunity to be able to have the experience of seeing a project such as this come to fruition. I hope to continue thinking such as this in the future!