Applying GIS and Cultural Mapping to Museum Projects

PolicyMap and CultureBlocks demo.

Joseph J Gonzales
We have reviewed and discussed the use of Geographic Information System or GIS Mapping and Cultural Mapping as tools to aid in developing museum audience building and engagement strategies in our Issues in Museums: Likeability, Research, Participatory Strategies, and Public Engagement seminar.

Map provided by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural
Alliance helped show Fleisher’s unique position as
an arts provider in southeast Philadelphia.
A presentation by The Redevelopment Fund’s PolicyMap staffers, Phil Vu and Kristin Crandall on the capabilities of the PolicyMapsystem and a demo the of CultureBlocks project provided a primer to students on GIS Mapping applications. We also discussed how the two had informed the Fleisher Art Memorial‘s southeast Philadelphia community engagement strategydevelopment process. Students were then provided a four-month student PolicyMap account for the semester.

PolicyMap helped Fleisher further understand the
demographic makeup of community residents in
southeast Philadelphia.

Additionally, TheCultural Mapping Toolkit by the 2010 Legacies Now and Creative City Network of Canada was reviewed as an additional resource for cultural mapping.

The following set of posts will show students’ work with cultural mapping concepts and the PolicyMap tool to inform their project cases for support.