My favorite portfolio pieces

Julia Dougherty
Wow, I cannot believe that I am creating a post to reflect on my favorite portfolios pieces from my time at UArts.  Feels like yesterday I was trying to settle on a thesis topic!  I have had the pleasure to learn and grow through many different projects. One class that has had a lasting affect on me is museum graphics.  This class taught me useful graphic design and critiquing skills, gave me a great portfolio piece for my resume and also opened me up creatively.  Below I will list my favorite projects from the class and how I intend to use these skills in the future. 
 This first piece, my magazine cover, is one of my favorite projects.  The assignment was to create a magazine cover for a specific magazine (mine was travel and leisure) using a period in history (mine was medieval Europe.) The assignment not only focused on creating a cover that reflected the magazines style, but also to use the time period to create a moment of humor.  I feel I excelled in this project and created a piece that i have shown in many interviews. 
 This next piece, our Type Poster, was also another favorite.  This project helped me become proficient in a new design tool, Adobe illustrator, while also learning the importance of type.  Since this project I have recognized the potential of type and used it in many other projects.
The final project of the class, the Museum Rack Card, was also another favorite.  This project helped take a look at the design and planning that goes into one of the most important parts of museum marketing, the rack card.  I was able to use my love for The Beatles and a new aptitude for graphic design to create a fun and interesting piece.
In the future I would like to use the skills acquired in this class in order to be successful in the marketing field.  Having an appreciation for design will be an important skill when creating and implementing marketing and social media promotions.  I plan to continue to update this portfolio and use it for the rest of my life.