Development Book: My Crowning Achievement

Alana Seggman
One project that I am particularly proud of came as a result of the Museum Development course. My assignment entailed creating a program for a group-invented museum and collaborating to create a museum with its fundamental elements. My group invented the Paper Arts Museum of Philadelphia, PAMP, and my program consisted of a class with children as their target audience; the program allows visitors to understand the amount of paper necessary to create various types of artworks, and helps to find alternative uses to paper waste. During this semester long project, I also collaborated with my team members to find funders, corporate and private foundations, and create a book with all of our programs, exhibitions, funders, and museum information. Designing the book was one of the most rewarding tasks of the project. 
During the projects I realized how many aspects are included in creating programs and exhibitions, as well as how these aspects relate to one another. Additionally, I learned how to write more creatively; the proofread-comments I received helped me to ask myself questions from an outsider’s perspective to make my program more realistic and feasible. I really reiterated the necessary elements of a museum and its exhibitions and programs.
This project was not only useful as another portion of my design portfolio, but also as a valuable piece in my graduate coursework portfolio. I am very proud to have collaboratively created a museum with specific values, a one-of-a-kind program, and to have incorporated critical elements, such as a budget and funders, to create a realistic museum. I expect this project to be very useful in showing potential employers the type of creative thinking, leadership, and design skills I am capable of.
This project directly relates to Museum Communication as it references public relations and advertising, two critical elements of creating a museum, particularly one that will serve the community. Additionally, creating this museum, the program, and the book demonstrates initiative and the types of leadership skills that entail creating a museum and a program. Under the right management, the creation of this museum may be possible.