Julia Dougherty: Key Source – Rodin Review

I have encountered many different sources on my journey to the perfect thesis.  The relativity new field of smartphone technology creates many challenges for my research.  Along with scholarly research and data collection, I conducted interviews surrounding smartphone application development and implementation in the Philadelphia region.  A discussion with a museum professional at The Rodin Museum, proved to be both interesting and informative.

The Rodin Museums application stands out in comparison to its regional counterparts. The application offers virtual tours , interactive maps, and social media sharing opportunities.  Along with the first level of information, the application also gives visitors the choice of learning more information.  This added layers of information vary from extra audio, more background information, and additional pictures.

The discussion with the museum professional gave valuable information about the museum’s technological history and implementation of the application.  The museum’s commitment to visitor interaction and experience is mirrored in the application.  This source set the bar for the rest of my interviews and continued research. The information helped shape my literature review and reform questions for future interviews.