Alana Seggman: Guided By A Specific Publication (Key Resource)

The book titled, “Planning Successful Museum Building Projects” written by Martha Morris, Walter Crimm, and L. Carole Wharton, serves as the most prominent and informative source from my research. Moreover, this book coupled with other publications written by Martha Morris and cross referenced with literature regarding administrative and planning procedures brings to light commonalities in governance, oversight, and various case studies that aid in creating a list of best practices during institutional expansions.

This book became more relevant as I realized that the expansion process I am to define parallels that of planning an institution from the beginning. More specifically, this book outlines the the main key processes I (tentatively) intend to highlight: strategic planning; physical framework: financial planning; cost management; communication strategies (a key component of my thesis remains placing strong emphasis on cross-departmental communications); and evaluation. This book, however, differs from other publications as it refers to museum projects both prior to grand opening and during pre-existing operations. Moreover, this publication highlights the relationship between the elements of planning that I intend to emphasize.

Perhaps most conveniently, this publication provides overall summaries for each outlined step, stating the red flags, Do’s and Don’ts, and the basic points of the chapter. Additionally, the appendixes and bibliography provide additional sources to review and include in my own literature review. The glossary also proved to be useful to assist with defining nomenclature in my proposal.

After reading this publication and understanding its organizational scheme, it seems feasible to emphasize specific points with the assistance of interviews and case studies.