Key Research Source Review Assignment

Joseph J Gonzales
During my research for Complicated Business: Chicanos, Museums, and Corporate Sponsorship, I accumulated a bounty of rich data which included books, journal and periodical articles, recorded interviews, focus group videos, source documents, project correspondences, and documentary photographs. One source that really captured some of the tense and complicated cultural politics I was investigating was a fax sent by project curator, Mr. Rene Yañez, which included a photocopy of a scathing commentary about the “Chicano Project” by columnist, Bárbara Renaud Gonzalez (, and a fax cover page with a drawing asking “DOES THIS MAKE ME A TARGET?” This was a potent communication and indicator of the various interests and often contested perspectives of the Chicano exhibitions, mainstream museums, and the role sponsoring identity.

Like methodological or conceptual breakthroughs, key research sources like this one can be very important in the the thesis research and writing process. They can help shape intellectual frameworks, crystalize thoughts, or visually communicate a dense topic. In this round of blog entries, second-year MCOM students will share and describe a key research source that is shaping their thesis investigation and writing.