Summer Breakthrough: Keep On Groovin’

Karyn Tufarolo
My summer thesis ‘epiphany’ is less about a specific breakthrough and more about coming to the realization that I need to “keep on keepin’ on.”
It is critical for me to focus on the small benchmarks along the way and to develop my topic narrowly in order to move towards the end goal. It is very easy to have a topic expand on you and become way too daunting.
So, now to remind myself that my goals are to:
a) have a real impact in the field
b) complete the project on time and
c) produce work of excellent quality.

Ultimately, I hope that my thesis —- advocacy for museums to develop extremely low-cost family admission options (based on using existing governmental identifiers) — can ultimately serve those in my own backyard here in Philadelphia. 

I am reminding myself that I don’t need to tackle the actual complete implementation of this concept across every museum in the city.  Rather, I need to make a strong and well-supported case as to why this idea addresses the needs of a specific population and will also benefit the museum and the larger community. I need to make a persuasive and clear argument that can lead to the next step.
Throughout the thesis process, I’ve made benchmarks and moved things along, sure, but admittedly, the project often seems like a task for Sisyphus. I was reading lots of interesting information, searching articles, downloading reports, yet many research items felt off-topic or tangential and couldn’t be applied. This lead to a sense of being overwhelmed.
Now as the fall term is in full swing, my focus is returning as I am hearing from outside professionals (and positively too!), faculty and my fellow students.  I have a renewed sense of hope and a much better sense of how the steps fit into the overall picture. There is light at the end of the tunnel so that I can “keep on movin’ and groovin,” as sung so classically in this Brady Bunch clip.  (Bonus: awesome matching outfits.)