Ying-I Lee: The Kaohsiung Museum of History in Taiwan

    I really appreciated the opportunity to intern for two months at Kaohsiung Museum of History(KHM) in Taiwan. The museum is not only a museum but also a historical site. The museum was City Hall when the Japanese Government occupied Taiwan. It was built by Japan in 1938. After WWII and the retrocession of Taiwan, when Taiwan became independent from the Japanese,  City Hall became the Kaohsiung Municipal Government office by the new regime. Although the regime changed, the purpose of the place was still for government. However, it is not always easy and peaceful when the regime changes. In 1947, the 228 Incident took place and around 60 people were killed in the building. As a result, this place has become historically significant. Until 1992, the municipal government decided to move to a new place. But because of its architectural and historcal  importance related to the development of Kaohsiung. The government decided to transform City Hall into a museum. And the museum is dedicated to preserving and expanding the historical culture of Kaohsiung.

         The office                                                           My work Place

    During the two months, I spent most of my time in their marketing and education department (they called it the extension and education section). I got the chance to do some press releases and radio releases for the museum exhibitions, programs and events. Also, they are planning to have a gift shop in the museum, so I also had the opportunity to make some samples such as postcards and museum T-shirts.  And my major duty was to make a Facebook Fan page for the museum and promote it.  But sometimes I had to do some other things which they needed to be done sooner such as designing educational  sheets for exhibitions, helping guests to register with the museum tour, and training the incoming internship students.
The FB page

The logos for FB
                                  The postcards                                                        The education learning sheet
Through the internship, I have learned how a historical museum in Taiwan works and functions, and also I saw many differences between Taiwanese and American museums. Hopefully, the experience will help me to direct my thesis.